Enabling a safe and sound credit union system in Alberta

We guarantee the repayment of 100% of all deposits held with Alberta credit unions. This guarantee covers all deposits, including accrued interest.

we are

The Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation is a trusted public agency that provides a service for Albertans. As a public agency, we operate under the authority of the Alberta Credit Union Act. We regulate and oversee the business practices of Alberta’s Credit Unions and Alberta Central – and manage a Deposit Guarantee Fund to safeguard your deposits.

Regulating Alberta’s credit unions

Our mandate is to guarantee deposits and provide risk-based regulatory oversight to enable a safe and sound credit union system in Alberta. We oversee Alberta Central and 12 credit unions in Alberta.


Every year we collect unclaimed deposits from Alberta’s credit unions. These deposit balances are transferred to us after ten years of inactivity and we manage them for a further ten years before they expire. Valid claims must be submitted to the Corporation before December 15 of the expiry year.

and resources

We work closely with the President of Treasury Board, Minister of Finance in preparing our public disclosures and defining our regulatory practices. Our annual report and regulatory standards are two key publications.