Public Sector Body Compensation Disclosure

The Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act requires public sector bodies to publicly disclose all remuneration paid to all board members and employees earning more than the prescribed threshold in a calendar year. This disclosure is done by publishing a statement of remuneration, which sets out the required information for each board member and employee over the threshold. The Statement of Remuneration must be published by June 30th each year for compensation paid in the previous calendar year. The reporting threshold for January 1st to December 31st, 2022, is earnings exceeding $141,183.

For any inquiries relating to compensation disclosure for the Corporation, please contact Lyle Toop, Director of Human Resources, at 780-426-8680 or

Allen,JennieChief Financial Officer202220008228040
Baba,PeterVP, Regulation & Risk Assessment20222365008837
Borle,Joel *President & CEO202231446488370Link
Fedorak,WayneAVP, Regulation & Risk Assessment20221489928837
Ivey,WendyAVP, Regulation & Credit Risk Assessment20221798138837
Kalungi,JohnAVP, Regulation & Risk Assessment20221463648837
Rao,JammiVP, Business Services, Risk & Regulatory Practices20222312048837
Ronald,DennisManager, Regulation & Credit Risk Assessment20221443708837
Sywolos,ThereseAVP, Information Management Technology & Innovation20221726938837
Toop,Lyle WesleyDirector, Human Resources20221761338837
Beloin,Laurene **Board Member20221451863
Berube,Camille **Board Member20221765663
Hiebert,Paulina **Board Vice Chair20221810463
McCuaig-Boyd,Margaret **Board Member20221363263
McGowan,John **Board Chair20223369884
McKillop,Jim **Board Member20221651863
Morris,Ken **Board Member20221891863
Allen,JennieChief Financial Officer20212047237800
Baba,PeterVP, Regulation & Risk Assessment20212238567516
Borle,Joel *President & CEO202129812378000Link
Fedorak,WayneAVP, Regulation & Risk Assessment20211376277800
Ivey,WendyAVP, Regulation & Credit Risk Assessment20211692437800
Kalungi,JohnAVP, Regulation & Risk Assessment20211376277800
Rao,JammiVP, Business Services & Regulatory Practices20212099017800
Sywolos,ThereseAVP, Information Technology20211528247800
Beloin,Laurene **Board Member20211684663
Berube,Camille **Board Member2021859842
Carry,Sharon **Board Member2021836819
Hiebert,Paulina **Board Vice Chair20211586163
McCuaig-Boyd,Margaret **Board Member20211627863
McGowan,John **Board Chair20213590284
McKillop,Jim **Board Member20211572563
Morris,Ken **Board Member20211680463
Fenton,MonicaAVP, Governance & Human Resources2021188708
Allen,JennieChief Financial Officer202020513784620
Borle,Joel *President & CEO202028919984620Link
Fenton,MonicaAVP, Governance & Human Resources202020642484620
Ivey,WendyAVP, Regulation & Credit Risk Assessment202016581284620
Rao,JammiVP, Business Services & Regulatory Practices202021627884620
Sywolos,ThereseAVP, Information Technology202014981684620
Wiles,Tim *President & CEO202025413774340Link
Beloin,Laurene **Board Member202014198500
Carry,Sharon **Board Member202016836430
Cook,Christian **Board Member202015691420
Hiebert,Paulina **Board Vice Chair202018397500
McCuaig,Margaret **Board Member202015052500
McGowan,John **Board Chair202031958660
McKillop,Jim **Board Member202016220500
Morris,Ken **Board Member202016202500
Waring,Laurence **Board Member202012526400
Allen,JennieChief Financial Officer201919715383310
Borle,JoelEVP, Regulation & Risk Assessment201924904083310
Fedorak,WayneAVP, Regulation & Risk Assessment201914042183310
Fenton,MonicaAVP, Governance & Human Resources201917046183310
Ivey,WendyAVP, Regulation & Credit Risk Assessment201918087383310
Kalungi,JohnAVP, Regulation & Risk Assessment201913963883310
Rao,JammiVP, Business Services & Regulatory Practices201918239783310
Sywolos,ThereseAVP, Information Technology201915554583310
Wiles,Tim *President & CEO2019380779351700Link
Beloin,Laurene **Board Member201916914470
Carry,Sharon **Board Member201929506470
Cook,Christian **Board Member201915509470
Hiebert,Paulina **Board Vice Chair201921807470
McGowan,John **Board Chair201941882470
McKillop,Jim **Board Member201917619470
Morris,Ken **Board Member201918676470
Waring,Laurence **Board Member201915808470
Zhang,TongjieBoard Member201918316470
Allen,JennieAVP, Finance201813100180330
Borle,JoelVP, Business Services & Regulatory Practices201823728680330
Brandon,AllenAVP, Regulation & Credit Risk Assessment201814196880330
Fenton,MonicaAVP, Governance & HR201815427680330
Friedrich,ElaineVP, Finance & Enterprise Risk2018837524725259586
Ivey,WendyAVP, Regulation & Risk Assessment201813702480330
Merriman,ChrisAVP, Regulation & Risk Assessment201816499080330
Rao,JammiAVP, Planning, Analytics & Regulatory Practices201814029180330
Rogers,WalkerEVP, Regulation & Risk Assessment201827427580330
Sywolos,ThereseAVP, Information Technology201814957880330
Wiles,Tim *President & CEO201836764480330Link
Beloin,Laurene **Board Member201815368440
Carry,Sharon **Board Member201828520440
Cook,Christian **Board Member201817888440
Hiebert,Paulina **Board Vice Chair201816344440
McGowan,John **Board Chair201839084440
McKillop,Jim **Board Member201817294440
Morris,Ken **Board Member201815220440
Waring,Laurence **Board Member201816868440
Zhang,TongjieBoard Member201819354440
Allen,JennieAVP, Finance201713081986520
Borle,JoelVP, Business Services & Regulatory Practices201723682286520
Brandon,AllenAVP, Regulation & Credit Risk Assessment201714188986520
Fenton,MonicaAVP, Governance & HR201715428686520
Friedrich,ElaineVP, Finance & Enterprise Risk201725110086520
Merriman,ChrisAVP, Regulation & Risk Assessment201714905286520
Rao,JammiAVP, Planning, Analytics & Regulatory Practices201714032586520
Rogers,WalkerEVP, Regulation & Risk Assessment201727385186520
Wiles,Tim *President & CEO201736742486520Link
Beloin,Laurene **Board Member201719162390
Carry,Sharon **Board Member20172325830
Der,Herb **Board Chair201731057470
Goldsworthy,Ross **Board Vice Chair201721498380
Hiebert,Paulina **Board Vice Chair201717096390
McGowan,John **Board Chair201719617390
McKillop,Jim **Board Member201717946390
Oxley,Loraine **Board Member201714034400
Dawson,JohnAVP, Regulation & Risk Assessment2017452531021199900

Compensation: Salary plus taxable benefits, including 12% employer Group RRSP contributions, Insurance, Independent Life & ADD, Vehicle Allowance and parking for a few employees.

Other: Non-taxable benefits, including employer’s portion of CPP and EI, WCB and health and dental premiums. In the case of the CEO only, includes Retirement Compensation Arrangement (RCA) contributions

* President & CEO contract attached

** Directors are paid on a per diem basis in accordance with the Committee Remuneration Order Schedule 1. The Chair receives an annual retainer of $10,000 as authorized by an Order in Council.

*** This board member does not receive any compensation from CUDGC. Disclosure of compensation will be through the Government of Alberta.